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My name is Rob Auton, I am a writer and performer of some of what I write.  

In 2008 I started saying things aloud to groups of people without wanting them to respond verbally. Some call this 'Stand up comedy', some call it 'Stand up poetry'. Whatever it is, I started doing it and have continued to do it ever since. I have created ten one hour long Edinburgh Fringe shows.  Every year I pick a subject that is important to me and write an hour long show about it. So far I have done The Yellow Show, The Sky Show, The Face Show, The Water Show, The Sleep Show, the Hair Show, the Talk Show, the Time Show, the Crowd Show and the tenth one is called The Rob Auton Show.  I have had my work played on the radio by Jarvis Cocker, Cerys Matthews and Scroobius Pip and shown on the television by BBC1, BBC 2, Channel 4 and Netflix.  I have had four  collections of my writing and drawings published by Burning Eye Books and one book published by Harper Collins non fiction/Mudlark. More about that in the WHAT? section.  This section is about Who? Who am I? I am a man who likes the sky and the ground in equal measures.  Sometimes I like the sky more than the ground.  What else can I put in this Who? section? Who? I like people. Who do I like? I like Joe Strummer. I like Francis Bacon. I like Richard Brautigan. I love my family. Do I love Joe Strummer? I love his attitude to creativity. Should that be in the what section? What? I am going to have to put quite a bit in the What? section.

​Now let's segue into the What? section.

Below is a range of photographs of me and things I like.  I have left one of the photographs from the websites template in to show you What? this website was like before.


This is me next to a Salt bin in London.  It was so new I actually saw the guys setting it up. Tipping in the SAXA.  I always thought Salt bins were just there and had been forever. 

Here are some melons, there is a yellow balloon in there too.

This is a railing that I like. I think it is important to like and dislike things.

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