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UK TOUR 2024


Jan 22-27th- London- Soho Theatre            Tickets  Jan 31  Liverpool- Unity Theatre         SOLD OUT

Feb 3   Salford- Lowry                          SOLD OUT

Feb 4   Sheffield- Theatre Deli             SOLD OUT

Feb 6   Bath- Rondo                              SOLD OUT

Feb 7   Exeter- Phoenix                              Tickets

Feb 8  Stroud- Goods Shed                 SOLD OUT

Feb 9   Bristol- Tobacco Factory         SOLD OUT

Feb 10 Aldershot- West End Centre    LAST FEW

Feb 11 Leicester- Firebug                    SOLD OUT

Feb 16 Cambridge- Junction                      Tickets

Feb 17 Colchester, Arts Centre                  Tickets

Feb 18 Southend- Dixon Studio                 Tickets

Feb 21 Norwich, Arts Centre                LAST FEW

Feb 22 Maidenhead, Norden Farm            Tickets

Feb 23 Reading, South Street              LAST FEW

Feb 24 Southampton, Hanger Farm          Tickets

Feb 25 Cardiff, The Globe   (Venue change from Tramshed)   LAST FEW 

Feb 28 York, The Crescent                   LAST FEW

Feb 29 Hull, Mortimer Suite                       Tickets

Mar 1 Leeds, Wardrobe (venue change from Brudenell EXTRA TICKETS ON SALE)LAST FEW

Mar 2 Hebden Bridge Trades Club      SOLD OUT

Mar 6 Chorley, Little Theatre                LAST FEW

Mar 7 GLasgow, Stand                                Tickets

Mar 8 Aberdeen, Lemon Tree                     Tickets

Mar 9 Edinburgh, Stand                              Tickets

Mar 10 Newcastle, Stand                            Tickets

Mar 13 Portsmouth Guildhall                     Tickets

Mar 14 Poole Lighthouse                           Tickets

Mar 15 Corsham, Pound Arts               LAST FEW

Mar 16 Leamington Spa, Spa Centre         Tickets

Mar 21 Northampton,Charles Bradlaugh  Tickets

Mar 22 Birmingham, Glee Club                  Tickets

Mar 23 Brighton Komedia 5.30pm       LAST FEW

Mar 23 Brighton Komedia 7.30pm       SOLD OUT

May 6 Machynlleth Comedy Festival        Tickets

May 26   Belfast Limelight                          Tickets

Melbourne Australia International Comedy festival 2024  March 28-Apr 21
























Since 2008 I have performed on a range of poetry, comedy, theatre and festival stages up down and across the British Isles. 

There's been a lot of travel travel.

Here's some of the gigs I have done

Gig Archive (under construction)

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