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16-28 August- London, Soho Theatre       Tickets here

03/09/21 Corsham, Pound Arts                     Tickets here

05/09/21 Swindon, Arts Centre                      Tickets here

07/09/21 Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club         Tickets here

08/09/21 Newcastle, The Stand                    Tickets here

09/09/21  York, The Crescent                        Tickets here

11/09/21  Exeter, Phoenix                              Tickets here

12/09/21 Assembly Festival, Coventry          Tickets Here

13/09/21 Sheffield, The Leadmill                   Tickets here

17/09/21 Kettering Arts Centre                      Tickets here

18/09/21 Edinburgh, The Stand                     Tickets here

19/09/21  Glasgow, The Stand                      Tickets here

22/09/21  Manchester, Frog and Bucket        Tickets here

23/09/21  Chorley, Little Theatre                    Tickets here

30/09/21  Aldershot, West End Arts Centre   Tickets here


02/10/21- Reading, South Street                   Tickets here


































Since 2008 I have performed on a range of poetry, comedy, theatre and festival stages up down and across the British Isles. 

Some of the gigs have changed my life, some of them have not.  If they had all changed my life I would probably be an 80 year old lady called Carl living in New York buy now. 

It is good that only a small amount of things 

in life change your life.

Imagine if everything in life was life changing. 

You would have to change ALL THE TIME. 

People wouldn't know where or how to stand.

"Oh that car I saw just changed my life. Oh that traffic light just changed my life."  Walking down the street would be difficult.

Here are some of the places I have performed:

Latitude festival.Glastonbury Festival. Bestival Festival. Secret Garden Party Festival.Green Man Festival.Big Chill Festival. Tate Britain. Leicester Square Theatre. Soho Theatre. Royal Festival Hall.

I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 2017 and 2018. More about that in the What? section.

I also help run a poetry night called BANG SAID THE GUN. More about that in the What? section.


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