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The Sky Show

The Sky Show is a show about the sky that is sometimes funny depending on the audience. I like the sky. I have performed this show in theatres and in the back rooms of pubs up and down the country. When I was doing it up in Edinburgh in 2013 I got some reviews from people with pens and paper that they like using. They ranged in stars. I don't know. I don't mind journalists coming and taking notes on my shows.  Here are some of the reviews, to read the full reviews press on the white clown noses.


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  ****             *****           *****                  **                 ***                ****              *****  




Photo shoot with photographer Julian Ward


In July 2013 I sat and stood in a field in London and looked up at the sky and some of the things in it, like planes and birds. When I was looking up Julian Ward took some photos of me. Julian also took some photos of me last year for the Yellow Show and I am always surprised when he agress to do it to be honest. Here is his website


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