Welcome to my print shop. Please see the A3 250gsm prints I have for sale below. I drew the image and text with a black biro and scanned them in to the computer. Each print is signed with a 2B pencil and comes with a piece of A4 paper with writing on from me (Rob) saying thanks for buying this print. If the print is a gift and you would like a specific message written on the back then please contact me via the contact button.  The print will come in a plastic sleeve in a hardback A3 envelop with a piece of greyboard inside. Postage from the UK is included in the £25 price but posting outside the UK is expensive now thanks to Brexit, so extra costs are included when posting abroad. £30 overseas shipping.  I think that's all the details? Any questions please ask through the contact button.  I hope that's OK and that it's not a ridiculous price to ask. 

All the best, Rob.