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Rob Auton, The Rob Auton Show – What The Press Said...

“You'll laugh a lot, you'll smile a lot and, mark my words, you'll want to see him again. One of my favourite shows this year.”
Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke ★★★★★

“Like a sunbeam from heaven in human form, Auton is a constant delight.”
Mark Wareham, The Mail On Sunday ★★★★

“beautifully crafted; just like Auton’s comedy… his act is well honed and his ease is infectious… Watching, you’d struggle not be swept up in the charm of it all”
Isobel Lewis, The Independent ★★★★

“It’s a lovely hour of storytelling… gentle and heartfelt but packs some very big laughs… This is a finely crafted show, with great callbacks, and his last routine – delivered with passion – acts as a reminder that we all here for the human experience.”
Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk ★★★★

“both hysterically funny and quite moving… a master wordsmith at the top of his game”
David Cox, DarkChat ★★★★★

“remarkably insightful and uplifting. From the very start, Rob Auton holds the audience in the palm of his hand… a rarity to find a comedy show that will leave you feeling this rejuvenated and optimistic.”
Meta, EdFringe Review ★★★★★

“a rare talent for code-switching from bumbling humour to sincerity and back again… a thoroughly engaging and quick-witted comedian.”
Coco Cottam, EdFringe Review ★★★★★

“whimsical wonder… certainly gets you in a proper mood to enjoy the human experience, both during and after the show.”
Sean McCarthy, The Comic’s Comic ★★★★

“Auton has a wonderful way of making everyday things seems magnificent and his clear love for life and its wonders is so beautiful… a delight to watch… A captivating and wonderful dive into the human experience”
Esmé Violet Anderson, Entertainment Now ★★★★

“The Rob Auton Show is unlike any other stand-up comedy show in existence…  a very personal performance that mixes comedy with spoken word poetry in an expression of bittersweet nostalgia… It's unlikely that there would be a dry eye left in the auditorium after hearing Rob Auton perform.”
Katerina Partolina Schwartz, Broadway Baby ★★★★

“Outstanding… his delightfully titled world-view is a joy for life”
Will Quinn, The Quinntessential Review  ★★★★

“thoroughly enjoyable”
Chris Poppe, The Real Chrisparkle ★★★★

Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of The Fringe ★★★★

“a Fringe staple… it's only right that the time has come to focus his razor sharp poetic wit on himself. The Rob Auton Show is his most personal work yet and it might also be his funniest… You'll laugh until you cry… hits a whole new height. Catch it before it sells out.”
Jonny Walfisz, Euronews

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