"I heard a rumour that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar. Could be a Chinese Wispa.”

When I was working in the art supplies shop in 2012 I remember writing the word chinese wispa down on the side of the order form that I was working on. Someone in the shop was playing chinese whispers or something that made me think of the fact that the game chinese whispers exists. I then thought "oh yes there is also a chocolate bar called a wispa." Anyway I made it into a joke that day and started saying it in my ten minute set. If the gig had forty people in it, ten would laugh, twenty would groan and ten would just be silent.  It was never brilliantly received but I enjoyed saying it enough to keep saying it. When I went upto Edinburgh in 2013 I said it at a ten minute spot I had, it wasn't in my 'Sky Show' because it wasn't about the sky and I couldn't find a way of shoehorning it into the show. One morning I got a call on my mobile from a lady from a company saying that my joke had been voted as the 'Dave Funniest Joke of the Fringe'.  When I heard the news I was surprised but pleased I guess, but when I googled the previous year's joke I realised that you get quite a lot of exposure for winning the competition. Not that it is a competition, it is a vote by the public then you get told.  I was proud of my Sky Show and suddenly I was going to get a lot of exposure for a joke that I wasn't 100% convinced was brilliant.  There was no way I was going to turn it down though. People say any exposure is good exposure and that is one of the worst phrases there is. It doesn't make sense. Any exposure? So an old man stood at a school gate exposing himself to children is good exposure? I don't think it is.  I am not saying I am either an old man or a child but what I am saying is that exposure seems to be a bizarre beast that is too sprawling to tame but easy to ignore. Not that I know. I had one day of craziness.  On the day that the news broke that I had won I was in a radio station in Edinburgh at 6.30am. I was there all morning doing interviews about this joke. Vanessa Feltz asking me how to write a good joke. Why am I even writing this now? I should have written this last August. People still ask me about it though so I thought I better put a section on about it.  All these questions about jokes.

I got a lot of people on twitter getting in touch saying that they had written the joke. What I think they meant to say was they had written the joke aswell.  I bet loads of people have written that joke.  All the ideas are floating around getting picked up by people and if it is an old joke then surely the comedy people and the general public should have not made it win.  I hope I don't come across as bitter about this.  I just googled Chinese Wispa and a lot of stuff came up about it winning. I won't be googling it again. Here are some articles about it.  Comments sections on things like this are to be avoided but worth looking at.