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The Face Show

The Face Show is my third solo show.  It is a comedy/theatre/poetry show about faces.  The Face Show is suitable for people who have a face or have seen somebody with a face. I first performed it in March at the Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick after working with Jay Miller at the Yard.  I did five nights at the Yard, a few previews around the country then took it up to  the Edinburgh Fringe in August. I am doing dates of the show, these are listed in the where and when section.  The show is basically me trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a face and am surrounded by faces in London.  The lady to right has a face. She is smiling isn't she.  I wonder if she had been told to smile, or maybe the photographer is trying to get her to stop smiling but she can't."You're at a funeral. Come on Michelle get a grip."

I was pleased with how the show went in Edinburgh this year.  Some days were really tough and some days were the best shows I have ever done/the shows I have enjoyed most since I started performing.  It was incredible how some days the show kind of took on its own energy and other days  that energy just wasn't there.  I am still coming to terms with the fact that sometimes it is just going to work and other times it isn't.

I got some reviews for the Face Show, I have put some of them up here. Some of the reviews are from shows that went well when I was connecting with the audience and some are from shows when it just didn't work.  The reviewers can only review the show that they see I guess.  Why do I read them? I like reading.




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