Well it is finally the year 2013. I have been waiting for this year to come since New Years Eve 2012. I guess I just wanted tomorrow to come.  Tomorrow came and now it is yesterday. 2013 sounds like quite a futuristic year to me.  It must have been used in a film as a far off date, just far enough so they can put a flying car in the air.  It is 2013 and the only flying car I can see is a pigeon, and it is a rubbish car.  We are definitely living in the future and the past at the same time. I don't know how I would rather see myself, from the eyes of someone in 1812 looking to the future in wonder, or someone in 2400 looking back in the history screens thinking monitored thoughts about what it must have been like to live in such a simple time. A time when people still got ill.  I predict that in 387 years time people will not be allowed to decay.  Scientists will have developed things to keep people alive.  Roads will be made from shiny white tarmac and people won't use them.  I love the fact that we are living in the olden times. People will look back at the alcohol and disease and will be incapable of understanding how we survived.  "They used coal" "What's coal?"  I wonder if it will ever get to the stage where you can get arrested for having a thought.  Everyone's brain will be logged in and CCTV will look at the thoughts in your head.

I don't know what will happen in 2013 yet but I plan to find out one day at a time.  I have put some new poems, photos and drawings up on this site.

I am doing two Yellow Shows in February these are my first ever ticketed occasions.  One in Brighton and one in Bristol.  I am nervously excited about these two shows as it is just me and they are not free.  Details are on the Where and When page. 

In December I went to Julian Ward's photography studio in Kingston with a suitcase full of Yellow and he took some proper photos of my face and shoulders. Not really my legs that much.  Here is Julian's website 

The photos can be viewed by clicking the red button.                    How do you feel about that red button? Is it a perfect circle? I have been looking at it for about a minute and messing about with it

trying to get it just right.  It's at times like this I start to question myself. Questions like "Is that circle a proper circle?" warp into questions like 

"Oh Jesus what is that? Is someone tapping me on the shoulder with a cocktail stick?" I turn around and before I know it I am in bed under the covers.  Please press the red button.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do in 2013, and as Wayne Coyne says

"With optimism and imagination we know that, regardless of our plight we always have the power to create our own happiness."